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Jaipur, India

About Us

The world is filled with plenty of talent, but due to limited number of platforms for this talent, there is always a challenge for people having such talents and skills to emerge properly and make a mark. Hence Influencer Book of World Records has taken an initiative to motivate and appreciate people in order to showcase their talents and skills by creating and breaking an unlimited number of records with numerous categories on a global stage. Influencer Book of World Records is an Exclusive International Book of Records. The record book aims to give a platform to people who have some hidden or unhidden talent, who want to stand ahead of others and want to have their name in the golden pages of history by doing and accomplishing unique attempts. Influencer Book of World Records is actively functioning to recognize and publish the unique achievements for such talented people all around the world. Influencer Book of World Records does not only give the certification of breaking the records to any Individual/Organization but also suggests the several records to common man which they can break and can make their own identity in this competitive world.


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Influencer Book of World Records has more than one reason to be in your list. It is the most reliable and legitimate Record Agency in the world. We have always been very genuine in our claims that we produce authentic and reliable records and are committed to maintaining standards.

Influencer Book of World Records gives you an opportunity to enter in the Guinness World Records for achieving new records without spending a single penny. This record book is committed to provide all the required information about your attempt, expected time, place and more. Do Not miss that!

Uniqueness of Influencer Book of World Records

  • Other than encouraging people to break already set records, Influencer Book of World Records also suggests new records which people can attempt.
  • Influencer Book of World Records also gives on-the-spot certification and online certification along with giving the certification of breaking records though the normal process.
  • Influencer Book of World Records works through an on-line portal which gets updated every 24 hours for the convenience of the visitors and aspirants.
  • Archives of the past records are kept diligently. (Current as well as Previous Record holder would be displayed in the website)
  • Easy going process of claiming the attempted record
  • Minimal Adjudication Cost
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

Record is proven information related to any person, organization or event. This valid information should be backed with evidences and can be measured and witnessed.

There are few ways by which a record is recognized officially as World Record. Most common method is receiving a claim in which a person presents a claim to GBWR to recognize the attempt as world record. In some cases someone else also claims the record on behalf of a person/ incident, our research team also find something unique or extraordinary and recognizes it through honoris causa.

If you are planning to attempt a world record in future then you are supposed to fill the ‘Record Application Form’ and mail us. Our team will scrutinize it and mail you the ‘Record Specific Guideline’ which you need to follow at the time of World Record attempt. This guideline would help you to ensure the attempt turn in to a successful record attempt.

World Record is proven information related to any person, organization or event; if it is unique/ extraordinary/ special in some way or happening for the first time. A claimant must be able to prove this achievable, measurable, challengeable and recognizable incident with proper evidences. It may be a personal achievement or an incident.

Yes, but we accept the 3rd party record claims only in special cases. You need to complete all the formalities and provide all the evidences.

The record setting process consists of four steps:
1. Record Application
2. Approval from GBWR team
3. Record attempt following all the procedural guidelines
4. Sending the Claim Form along with evidence.
After you receive the confirmation along with your Claim ID; you need to follow the instructions mailed by GBWR.