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Joydeep Bhattacharjee born on 9th December 1979 from Agartala, Tripura, he is practicing fine and visual artist, currently recruited as a teacher in the Govt College of Art and Craft, Agartala. He has also attended in a large number of exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Hc. Dr. Bablie Hazarika born on 22 September 1992 in Nagaon Assam, is an epitome of modeling. Her enchanting personality set a benchmark in this field and also gave women a new perspective that your ambitions and life goals should be high enough

Sachin Murugesan fashion icon and also the winner of Mr India Super Star 2021. He created a record for hiking 1755 km in 21 days from Gujarat to Sabarimala Temple Kerala. His perspective and work made him unique and also set a benchmark.

Somnath Biswas An extraordinary portraitist who make portraits on palm leaf size 1.2″x1.2″diameter. He set a record for making Maximum Portraits of Freedom Fighter Of India On Palm Leaf. He is been awarded with various awards for his unrealistic artistic skills. 

Mrinal Das government employee who is an incredible artist. He has created a replica of Titanic Model, measuring weight 165 kg, 60 inches in height and length 120 inches using WPC board and wood his proficiencyxtrous Both Hands Handwriting, Simultaneously With 400 Students, which is just unbelievable.