Aarya of Kolkata, West Bengal, at the age of 18 months, has displayed exceptional skills and knowledge. Aarya has demonstrated the ability to:

1. Identify 12 body parts.

2. Recognize 14 animals.

3. Identify the Indian flag.

4. Perform two exercises.Write with both hands with the same balance/way.

5. Hum Rhymes Even Before They Start.

Aarya can also identify fruits like apple, banana, grapes, potato, and onion, as well as home accessories like phone, television, fashion box, shoes, dustbin, remote, spoon, plate, biscuits box, water bottle, juice bottle, ball, bat, pen, books, blackboard, eraser, floor swiper, key, iron, switchboard, cream, powder, chocolate, egg, fish, charger, bag, microphone, washing machine, microwave, fridge, prayer room drawer, ceiling fan, light, washroom, aquarium, medicine bottle, laptop, statue, shampoo bottle, bath tab, chair, sitting tool, door, butter box, jam bottle, tomato soy sauce bottle, helmet, balloons, wristwatch.

Aarya’s work has been appreciated, and her name is registered in the Influencer Book Of World Records, as confirmed on March 3, 2024

*Creative Champ Of India Aarya*

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