Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, an author and an incredible Quote Master. He is the author of two best selling books named Thoughts Sweet And Sour. He set a record for writing. ” Maximum Quotes Written By A Quote Master”. His quotes works as a booster capsule which motivates individuals at every phase of their life.

Dr. Rogy. P. Oommen

12 Hours Continuous Training Programme For Medical Students Dr. Rogy. P. Oommen from Kerala set a record for Twelve Hours Continuous Training Program for Medical Professionals. The record attempted as on 3rd October 2022

Mayank Rajpal

Mayank Rajpal altruistically working for the cause of society. His beyond and above contribution for humanity has set a benchmark in this field. He organised many health and awareness camps on tuberculosis and it’s preventions. He is been awarded with various National Awards at this young age.

Mr. Thimmapuram Suresh Reddy

Mr. Thimmapuram Suresh Reddy is a police officer from Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a numismatic (a coin collector). He holds the record for the Highest Collection Of 25 Paise Coins Indian Currency, comprising 85000 coins in total, which he has collected through the years. We are honored to appreciate his hobby of collecting coins… Continue reading Mr. Thimmapuram Suresh Reddy

Sangita Konar

World’s Dynamic And Emerging International Model Sangita Konar gave the world new definition of beauty by winning Mrs India Alberta Canada 2020, India’s Next Super Model 2021, Grand Asia Queen 2022. Her charismatic personality not only set a benchmark in the field of beauty but also gave women a new perspective to showcase their talent… Continue reading Sangita Konar

Kishan Chand

Kishan Chand Purohit born on 8th June 1979 from Bikaner, Rajasthan. He has an incredible skill of tying turban safa and pagdi. He has set a record wherein he tied World’s Smallest Turban On A Needle which is even unimaginable.

Dr. Francis D’Costa

Dr. Francis D’Costa born on 3rd October 1983, awarded with various National and International award in the field of education and training. He has conducted 250 plus training and coaching program on various life guide, leadership, behavioral and mental well-being session subject matter which benefited around thousands of individuals. We are honoured to appreciate his… Continue reading Dr. Francis D’Costa

Nandkumar Nahar Dingare

Nandkumar Nahar Dingare He is an extraordinary flautist who set a record for Maximum Indian Flute Music Uploaded On YouTube till date. He has been awarded with various National Awards and has also has contributed in the music industry. We are honoured to appreciate his flautist skill.

Manikandan Sahadevan

Manikandan Sahadevan, a well known portraitist from Kannur, Kerala. He is a master of pencil and fountain pen art, his sketches deceive the eye into believing them to be real photographs. He has set a record for making maximum pencil portraits of Indian women pioneer on A3 sheet which titled him the Portraitist Of The… Continue reading Manikandan Sahadevan

Mrs. Akshda Ratilal

Mrs. Akshda Ratilal Babel from Junnar, Pune, India. A well known artist known for her incredible rangoli art. She made about 63 square feet Indian Flag from the year 1906 to 1947 from different colours of rangoli, which not only depicted colours of the flags but colours of the Nation. We are honoured to appreciate… Continue reading Mrs. Akshda Ratilal