Nandkumar Nahar Dingare

Nandkumar Nahar Dingare He is an extraordinary flautist who set a record for Maximum Indian Flute Music Uploaded On YouTube till date. He has been awarded with various National Awards and has also has contributed in the music industry. We are honoured to appreciate his flautist skill.

Manikandan Sahadevan

Manikandan Sahadevan, a well known portraitist from Kannur, Kerala. He is a master of pencil and fountain pen art, his sketches deceive the eye into believing them to be real photographs. He has set a record for making maximum pencil portraits of Indian women pioneer on A3 sheet which titled him the Portraitist Of The… Continue reading Manikandan Sahadevan

Mrs. Akshda Ratilal

Mrs. Akshda Ratilal Babel from Junnar, Pune, India. A well known artist known for her incredible rangoli art. She made about 63 square feet Indian Flag from the year 1906 to 1947 from different colours of rangoli, which not only depicted colours of the flags but colours of the Nation. We are honoured to appreciate… Continue reading Mrs. Akshda Ratilal

Dr. Francis D’Costa

Magic Of Neuro Science In Just 18 Hours Dr. Francis born has wrote a book In Just 18 Hours which is the shortest time till date,a must read book. It is not only a book but a path guide on how to achieve desired goals and live life to the fullest. We are honoured to… Continue reading Dr. Francis D’Costa

Gurudeen Verma

Gurudeen Verma Maximum Poem Written By Teacher The record for writing Maximum Poem was set by Gurudeen Verma. A teacher, a very well known poet author and a writer. He has written more than 2800 poem till date. His poem is published in 40+ poetry booklet and in 25+ various newspaper. He is also been… Continue reading Gurudeen Verma

Miss Barkha Rani Kurrey

Miss Barkha Rani Kurrey She is in the field of medical treatment since 8 years and has organised 50 + audiometry and speech therapy camps which benefited 10,000 + people. She has set a benchmark in this field for serving humanitarian selflessly. We are honoured to appreciate her outstanding contribution in the field of medical… Continue reading Miss Barkha Rani Kurrey

Dr. Veer Bahadur

Dr. Veer Bahadur Prince Of Homeopathy He is a renowned doctoral homeopath serving in this field from past 10 year treated 3 lakh plus underprivileged aliging people. He not only as a docter served people but as a responsible citizen.

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma Chemical Science Researcher, Innovator and Science Promotor from Hisar, Haryana, India The Record of performig highly exothermic decomposition reaction fastest for the maximum times in one minute. He has set a new World Record of performing fastest two hundred times Highly Exothermic Decomposition Reactions with very strong oxidizing agents and unstable… Continue reading Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

Suneeta Meena

Suneeta Meena Additional Deputy Commissioner Of Police, Jaipur, Rajasthan Nodal Officer Nirbhaya Squad She, not only serving the state but working beyond the individual level by providing Self Defence training to encourage the awareness among females that they are self sufficient in all circumstances. Her above and beyond role has set her the idol every… Continue reading Suneeta Meena

Ranjeet Prasad

Ranjeet Prasad born on 11th June 1990 from Sikkim, India ,Founder of Truedreams Project Private Limited got Maximum Awards During Pandemic For Social Work. A man who selflessly work for the human cause no matter what age, religion and gender from providing free medical aid to free education. He has set a benchmark in the… Continue reading Ranjeet Prasad