Ranjeet Prasad

Ranjeet Prasad born on 11th June 1990 from Sikkim, India ,Founder of Truedreams Project Private Limited got Maximum Awards During Pandemic For Social Work. A man who selflessly work for the human cause no matter what age, religion and gender from providing free medical aid to free education. He has set a benchmark in the… Continue reading Ranjeet Prasad

Capt Dr. Suresh Kumar Saini

Capt Dr. Suresh Kumar Saini Born has donated blood 137 times and platelets 94 times and total count reach to 231 that is highest by any individual. He is serving for humanity the way no one did till date which not only contributed to human cause but also gave a new perspective. He is also… Continue reading Capt Dr. Suresh Kumar Saini

Gatta Tanush

Youngest Memory Champion Gatta Tanush The record for being Youngest Memory Champion was set by Gatta Varapasad born on 16th August 2016 of Anakapalli District, Andhra Pradesh, India, wherein he can answer 160 Countries Capital and also 30 elements from periodic table when asked instantly. The record was attempted on June 30, 2022.

Pramila Nageshwararaj

Pramila Nageshwararaj – Certificate Of Appreication For Uplifting The Tamil Culture She is an amazing story writer and a great home cook with easy to make recipes. Her contribution to the Tamil culture is very much appreciable through the teachings of Bharatnatyam. She works for the Tamil Culture in Swaziland. We are honoured to appreciate… Continue reading Pramila Nageshwararaj

Dr. Prakash Gidwani

Dr. Prakash Gidwani – Appreciation India’s Leading Social Activist Dr. Prakash Gidwani he is renowned Social Activist serving the sick and he is well known for doing funeral for unclaimed dead bodies of human being. He is doing this form last 40 years. A man who saved thousand of lives and cremated 4500+ dead bodies.

Disha Sharma

Certificate of Appreciation “Stupendous Work in the field of Writing” Disha Sharma is self-published author of five books like How To Feed Your Dull Soul, Abhimanyu, Half Dead Paradise, June and Dadri Stories and Five Days. Apart from this, she has over 3 years of work experience in news writing at various digital platforms. Besides,… Continue reading Disha Sharma

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj India’s Leading Physiotherapist.The record was set by Santosh Bharadwaj for being the best physiotherapist. He has organised 100+ Physiotherapy and Medical Camps which benefited around 50,000 people. We appreciate and honour him for his altruistic service towards humanity and nation. A man like you is the need for the hour.

Dr. Sandip Gun

The record for having Maximum Academic Excellence Award by Dr. Sandip Gun. Dr. Sandip Gun India’s Leading Educationsit And Maximum Academic Excellence Award Winner” Dr. Sandip Gun, Headmaster of Jalpaiguri Higher Secondary School Jalpaiguri,West Bengal for last twenty three years is the individual having highest number of excellence awards in the field of education.He has… Continue reading Dr. Sandip Gun

Kaustav Ghosh

Stupendous Work in the field of Photography and Blogging by Kaustav Ghosh. We appreciate the work in the field of Photography And Blogging. The word Photography literally means Drawing with Light,which derives from the Greek photo,meaning light and graph, meaning to draw. Photography is the process of recording an image – a photograph – on… Continue reading Kaustav Ghosh

Dr. Suraiya Bano

Dr. Suraiya Bano,India’s Leading Educationist With Highest Number Of Excellence Awards In The Field Of Education For Multidimensional Activities. Dr Suraiya Bano,An assistant professor in the field of computer science, since 30 years.She has set a benchmark for working for the cause of society.Her tremendous work and dedication is been acknowledge not only nationally but… Continue reading Dr. Suraiya Bano